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Milestone Technologies & Morse Express is closed. FINAL SALE AMECO and OHR parts & Manuals/Instructions/Intellectual property & Copyrights - take over the kit business? 
SOLD OUT! Kits & Keys. Still have Christmas keys in stock. BUY BULK Parts to finish your projects.
Please address all inquiries to
All remaining Christmas Keys are $40 please email us for the list of years available.

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When we last re-designed our web site, about a decade ago, the popular wisdom was that we should secure only the pages on which we collected data.  There wasn't much point in securing pages where we were just displaying text and images for you and your input was limited to a few mouse-clicks. And secure pages could be very slow to load. The way we did it worked just fine, securing ordering facilities for the three main web sites, and, all without incident over the last 20 years or more..

But in the last year or so the publishers of web browsers have decided that everything must be secure. Possibly they are reacting to the new and draconian European data protection standards and they do that by giving you ever increasingly scary messages ranging from "some of the content on this page is not secure" to "this site is dangerous and you should turn around and run away!"  There is always a way to get past the warning and "allow access for this page"  anyhow  but they make that an "advanced option." And each of the four major browsers has a different way of dealing with it.

We are working on securing all of our pages but it is a process.

Meanwhile, our sites are secure, where they need to be, so you can click on the advanced options without having to worry about it.  And if you still have doubts, we have toll free phone lines where you can place orders and get more information about our products, our web site security,  and our personal data policies. 

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Attention: Milestone Technologies & Morse Express is closed. We are now selling our inventory, of Keys, Kits and Parts
Please address all inquiries to

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