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    PK-4SSR Memory Keyer          PK Basic Keyer

the WB9KZY
PK-4/SSR Keyer 
NOTE:  As of 05/12/2014, the Jackson Harbor PK-4/SSR Keyer Kit is out of production, at least temporarily.  

Still Available:

All documentation.
PK4-IC with manual
SSR Option Parts
PK4 Hardware Pack
Miniature Project Box

PK Basic IC with manual


Assembled PK4SSR

The PK-4 is an elegantly simple and inexpensive kit for a miniature Iambic Memory Keyer. Designed and produced by Chuck Olson, WB9KZY of Jackson Harbor Press, The PK-4 has two separate 80 character memories PLUS 80 character callsign memory.  The callsign memory can be split into two 40 character segments, resulting in 3 programmable message memories plus callsign. In the PK-4 the message and callsign memories are non-volatile, meaning the data stays stored even if the power is disconnected.

The SSR (solid-state relay) option, as shown in the photo, offers nearly universal keying potential.  Any rig with a key line carrying less than +/- 400V at 120mA can be keyed if the SSR option is installed.

The PK4 board is physically tiny (1 x 1.5"), and the keyer can be configured to use less than a microamp of current when idling (and a mere 7uA with the 5V regulator), around 1.5mA when active. It has a variable pitch side-tone oscillator and pot-controlled OR programmable speeds from 5-50WPM. It will even tell you (in Morse) what speed is currently set!  Also featured are program selectable A/B/uMatic keying modes, automatic CQ, beacon send mode, non-volatile settings, and programmable pause. And all of the programmable features of this keyer are available with a single lever paddle!

You can view the manual in pdf format by clicking here.

PK-4 Feature List

  • pot or paddle speed control - 5 to 50 WPM speed range
  • speed readout via mem+dit simulpress
  • 2, 3 or 4 memories, non-volatile (contents retained when power off)
  • memory embedded pause, callsign memory insertion
  • weight adjustable via menu item
  • tone frequency adjustable via menu item
  • 1 x 1.5 inch circuit board
  • machined pin IC socket
  • beacon mode including timed beacon delay
  • separate command sidetone frequency (lower - non adjustable)
  • bug mode (dit paddle normal, dah paddle functions as straight key)
  • straight key input via bug mode or via paddle simulpress with diodes
  • tune function via menu
  • 5 didah tune mode
  • or single paddle 10 dahs/dits tune mode
  • Ultimatic keying mode
  • selectable Iambic keying modes A or B
  • two selectable varieties of mode b: Accu Keyer / CMOS Super keyer
  • dit / dah memories can be turned off
  • selectable live "on the air" recording of memories
  • paddles can be reversed via menu item
  • autospace on/off selectable
  • stuck paddle protection (puts keyer to sleep after 128 consecutive dits/dahs)
  • tune mode timeout after 14 seconds
  • low power, about 7 ua w/regulator while keyer is asleep, 3 ma or less active @ 5V
  • Flash PIC processor, code is easily updatable
  • exit from menu system instantly with a PAR (press and release) of mem + dit + dah
  • Single lever paddle compatible, "both" paddle features are accessable with an in-turn press of dit then dah or dah then dit
  • power up bypass straight key mode
  • selectable two or one second press and hold delay time
  • embedded "pause and go", keyer will pause for operator sent code, then automatically resume playing the message after a word space
  • "backspace" while recording, if a mistake is sent, the operator can back up one character in memory with a mem+dit PAR (press and release)

  • The PK-4 is pin compatible with (a drop in replacement for) previous PK keyers as well as the TICK and K8 keyer chips with the addition of a 10k ohm pullup resistor between pin 1 and 4 of the keyer chip socket, adding more features and flexibility (especially pot speed control) at a lower price. This is a keyer that is physically small enough (and has low enough current drain) that you can mount it inside the smallest of QRP transceivers. Check out the hookup diagram  and the schematic (pdf format) on the Jackson Harbor web site.

    The kit includes the circuit board and all board-mounted components (except the SSR option parts).  In a typical configuration you supply a pot, two jacks, a push-button switch, piezo speaker, and a battery holder, which you can order as an optional hardware pack from Morse Express (see below).  

    Like most keyers, the PK-4 is designed to key modern transistor rigs with a low positive key-line voltage. Add the SSR option for grid-block and cathode-keyed tube transmitters with up to +/- 400V @ 120mA on the key line.  

    The PK series keyer was also used in the MX Sprint keyer paddle,  and is currently the basis of the Palm Radio Code Cube, and the Oak Hills Research QRP transceiver keyers.

    This kit includes one or more devices which are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  We recommend the use of an antistatic wrist strap

    Optional Hardware Pack: For an additional $7.50  you can get the hardware-- the speed pot  with knob;  pushbutton switch; jacks for paddle and output; piezo speaker, and 9V battery clip.  The hardware pack includes everything you need except for the box! 

    Click here to see a miniature plastic project box suitable for the PK4 keyer.

    Jackson Harbor PK-4 Keyer Kit, $21.50
      (Not in production-- see note at top of page)
    Optional SSR solid state relay kit for PK-4, $5.00
    Hardware pack for PK-4 Keyer, $7.50
    Miniature Project Box, $4.95
    PK-4 IC with manual, $9.00

    The PK Basic Keyer Chip-- Roll Your Own Keyer!

    The Jackson Harbor keyers require so few external parts that you can easily build one on a small piece of perf-board or even "dead bug" style (components soldered direct to the pins on the IC.  Odds are pretty good you have the necessary resistors, caps, and an NPN transistor in your junk box.  The programmed PIC keyer chip and the docs are all you need to brew up a very powerful electronic keyer.

    The PK-Basic chip is simpler than the PK4, and very inexpensive--  look at the features you are getting for your $6.50 expenditure!
  • Pot or paddle speed control, 5 to 39 WPM
  • 16 character memory + 13 character callsign memory
  • Plug straight into any PK keyer board
  • Pin compatible with Tick or K8 keyer chips
  • Mode A or B Iambic keying
  • Beacon mode
  • One touch CQ using callsign memory
  • Speed readout - sends code speed via the sidetone
  • Low standby power (about 1 uA at 5 V) 
  • Low active power (1.5 mA max. at 5 V) 

    PK-Basic IC with manual only, $6.50


    This kit includes one or more devices which are extremely sensitive to electrostatic discharge.  We recommend the use of an antistatic wrist strap


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