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Keys, Paddles & Bugs


The Archive

The following entries are for manufacturers whose keys we carried at one time.  The keys  are no longer  available  (a few parts and accessories might be) but we will leave the pages in place for reference. The  pages contain hundreds of interesting photos, and technical information. Parts are available for many keys--  if they are not listed, email us via the link at the bottom of the page.
BHC BirdyKeyChinaMiniature Key Z73
ElectroInstrument Soviet Union Key 8 Keyer/Paddle, Parts
uniHChinaUNI-730 Dual Paddle
Amplidan Denmark Marine Telegraph key
Llaves Telegraphicas
Spain Keys, paddles, sounders, KOBs etc, Parts
skcc logo Spain The original Straight Key Century Club key, made
in Spain by LTA.
Junker Germany Telegraph Keys, parts
USAKeyboard Encoder, Keys.
Germany Paddles, keys.  Succeeded by Scheunemann
Some parts are available.
SOXMAN USA Miniature telegraph key.

KatsumiJAPANElectronic Keyers, Paddles, Oscillators.
Sweden The original Lennart Pettersson Swedish Key.
Soviet Military USSR No longer made.  Some accessories available.

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