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Keyers for OHR Transceivers

OHR 100A Photo
The OHR Basic Iambic Keyer  Kit
shown installed in the OHR100A, with connecting plugs removed for clarity

The Oak Hills Research Memory Keyer is based on the standard-setting PK-4 keyer chip from Jackson Harbor Press. It is designed for easy installation inside, and integration with, the OHR 500 and OHR 100A transceivers.  It uses the board shown above, and adds only one connector and a pushbutton switch, along with the enhanced keyer IC.
  • 2, 3 or 4 memories, non-volatile (contents retained when power off)
  • memory embedded pause, callsign memory insertion
  • weight adjustable via menu item
  • tone frequency adjustable via menu item
  • beacon mode including timed beacon delay
  • separate command sidetone frequency (lower - non adjustable)
  • bug mode (dit paddle normal, dah paddle functions as straight key)
  • straight key input via bug mode or via paddle simulpress with diodes
  • tune function via menu (or 5 didahs or 10 dits or dahs)
  • Ultimatic keying mode (switch from dot to dash, no alternation.
  • selectable Iambic keying modes A or B
  • two selectable varieties of mode b: Accu Keyer / CMOS Super keyer
  • dit / dah memories can be turned off
  • selectable live "on the air" recording of memories
  • paddles can be reversed via menu item
  • autospace on/off selectable
  • stuck paddle protection (puts keyer to sleep after 128 consecutive dits/dahs)
  • tune mode timeout after 14 seconds
  • low power, about 7 ua w/regulator while keyer is asleep, 3 ma or less active @ 5V
  • Single lever paddle compatible, "both" paddle features are accessable with an in-turn press of dit then dah or dah then dit
  • power up bypass straight key mode
  • selectable two or one second press and hold delay time
  • embedded "pause and go", keyer will pause for operator sent code, then automatically resume playing the message after a word space
  • "backspace" while recording, if a mistake is sent, the operator can back up one character in memory with a mem+dit PAR (press and release)

  • The Oak Hills Research Basic Iambic Keyer is based on a custom-programmed keyer chip from Jackson Harbor Press. It is designed for easy installation inside, and integration with, the OHR 500 and OHR 100A transceivers. ohr page footer

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