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Tools and Sundries!

Soldering tools, Hand tools, Electronic tools, and  More

Soldering Tools/Supplies

Hand Tools Electronic Tools  
  • Ceramic Alignment Tool
  • Alignment Tool Sets
  • Precision Electronic Tool Kit
  • Digital Multi-meter
  • Analog Multi-meter
  • Component Lead Benders
  • Clip Lead Set
  • 10x Jeweler's Loupe
  • 30X Illuminated Magnifier
  • Miscellaneous

    Behrenger HPM1000 Headphones

    Perfect  for CW and SSB (better low-frequency response) these 32 Ohm headphones feature high-performance 40mm dynamic drivers in cushioned over-the ear cups to exclude ambient noise.

    • Ultra-wide frequency response
    • High dynamic range
    • High-resolution capsules
    • 1/8" connector plus 1/4" adapter included
    • Single-sided cord
    • Oval-shaped ear cups
    • Comfortable headband
    MX- CHPD Behringer HPM1000 Stereo Headphones  $16.95

    headphonesEconomy Headphones

    Perfect  for portable operations, these super light-weight on-ear headphones are inexpensive
    but great performers.  The 4' cord is terminated in a 1/8" (3.5mm) plug with a 1/4" adapter.
    Also included is a replacement pair of foam covers. CW in the bush never sounded better!

    MX- CHPS Stereo Headphones $3.99

    ziotekMouse Pad

    This standard Mouse Pad makes a good work-mat for delicate instruments, and
    will serve as a non- skid pad for keys, bugs, and paddles.  It has black foam on the
    bottom and colored fabric on the top, And of course it's a great mouse pad, too!  
    Works fine with mechanical and optical mice. The mouse pad measures 25x20cm  
    (about 8x10") x 6mm thick with rounded corners, and it comes in blue (shown), red, and gray.

           (mouse not included)

    MX- MPB Mouse Pad, BLUE $2.50      
    MX- MPB Mouse Pad, GRAY $2.50
    MX- MPB Mouse Pad, RED $2.50

    Split core RFI line chokes, in two sizes.

    These are high quality ferrite chokes, easily snapped onto power cords, telephone cords, and other lines that are acting as RFI antennas. The smaller one handles lines or cables up to 1/4" in diameter, the medium one up to 3/8" in diameter, the larger up to 1/2."  Smaller cords can be wrapped through the center multiple times, providing greatly enhanced filtering.

    Small, inside diameter 1/4” 6.5mm MX-FYF65 $1.99
    Medium, inside diameter 3/8" 10mmMX-FY100 $2.99
    Large, inside diameter 1/2"  13mm MX-FY130 $3.25

          PK-PK635 $29.95
          PK-PK034D $4.95 


    pka001Alignment Tool Set, ABS Plastic pka001det

    ProsKit's PK-A001 Alignment Tool Set features 10 pieces with assorted ends.  The material is rugged ABS plastic, non-inductive and a good choice for aligning RF circuits.

    Click on the image at right to see details of the tips.   

       PK-A001 $5.95 

    pk606Alignment Tool Set, Nylon pk606det

    Three piece double-ended alignment tool set made of tough conductive (anti-static) Nylon for rigidity and long life...  

    Click on the image at right to see details of the tips.

          PK-606A $5.95 

    st13Alignment Tool Set, Delrin 

    Four piece double-ended alignment tool in handy plastic pouch showing tip sizes.  The tools are made of tough and stable Delrin  (POM) for rigidity and long life.  Tapered tool ends provide for 13 sizes in straight or hex, from 0.6mm to 2.6mm.  

    Click on the image at left to see details.

          EL-ST13 $5.95 

    nut starter
    Nut Starter

    This is another one of those indispensable tools that we use all the time at OHR but thought we would never find again.  Ours came with Heathkits many years ago, and we've been looking ever since and finally found them from an obscure source.  When you are building or repairing a kit that has a lot of number 2 or number 4 nuts, it is so simple to pick the nuts up off the table using the nut starter and hold them perfectly for starting the screw.  It's a real time saver, but also saves wear and tear on your fingertips.  It's 3-7/8" long and has a knurled middle section so you can easily spin the nut onto the screw.
    • Helps to hold and install small mounting hardware
    • Holds nut sizes Regular No. 2 through Small No. 6; four inches long
    • Made in America for superior quality
    MX-35120 $2.95

          PK-PK3001 $7.50

               economy nipper
    MX-J32824 $3.95  


    Remember "Ignition Wrenches?"  Tried to buy a set lately?  About the only place you'll find them is Sears, at well over $10 for a small set.  The ProsKit set was specifically designed for electronics work, and includes 10 combination wrenches in the smaller sizes that you will need for meters and other electronic assemblies. The ends are angled for quick and precise positioning, and yes there are wrenches for the common #4 and #6 hex nuts in the SAE set.  No more trying to "make do" with a pair of pliers!  The ProsKit wrenches are heavy chrome steel and should last a lifetime or two.

    SAE Ring:  7/16, 11/32, 3/8, 9/32, 5/16, 1/4, 15/64, 7/32, 5/32, 3/16 in. PK-PK108A $9.75
    Open: 3/8, 5/16, 11/32, 1/4, 9/32, 15/64, 7/32, 13/64, 3/16, 5/32 in. 
    METRIC Ring: 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 5.5, 4.5, 4 mm PK-PK108M $9.75
    Open: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.5, 5, 5, 4, 4.5 mm

    adjustable wrench
    4" Adjustable Wrench

    This is the "go to" tool for those big pot and switch nuts of odd sizes, and convenient for everything else when you can't find exactly the right wrench.  Drop forged and chrome plated for years of reliable use.  EL-ST63 $7.50


    Needle Nose Plier
    Precision Needle Nose Nose Pliers, MX-GNP905 $5.75


    Precision Long Nose Plier/cutter, EL-ST2 $3.25

    Hex Key Set  Hex Key Set, SAE/MetricHow often have you stripped out a set-screw because you didn't have the right hex key?  This set of 25 L-shaped hex wrenches are black steel and tempered for durability.  Set includes all the sizes you are likely to encounter in electronic equipment. 

    SAE sizes (inches):  1/16 in., 5/64 in., 3/32 in., 7/64 in., 1/8 in., 9/64 in., 5/32 in., 3/16 in., 7/32 in., 1/4 in., 5/16 in., 3/8 in.

    Metric sizes (mm):   1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm

    MX-HEX3   -    SAE/Metric Hex Key Set $6.95 


     6 Piece Torx Driver Set

    Torx is a six pointed socket/driver that is often seen in security applications
    like cell phones and tablets, and it is used in many applications in amateur
    radio, notably the T6 in miniature keys from Palm Radio.

    This set contains 6 Torx drivers: T-10, T-9, T-8, T-7, T-6 and T-5. These sizes
    will open up pretty much any consumer electronics you come across. The drivers
    have nice rubber grips and long thin shafts for getting into boxes with deeply
    recessed screws. The ends have a rounded plastic palm pivot so you can press
    down with your palm for better control & torque. They come in a handy carrying case. 

    Box dimensions: 5.5" x 3.25" x 0.75" (13.5cm x 8cm x 2cm)

    MX-A452 6 Pc. Torx Driver Set T5-T10 $8.79 

    Driver set

    33 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set
     For any kind of precision work from repairing your glasses to fixing your computer or taking a cell phone apart, this set from
     Inland in Taiwan has every driver you could need. There are sets of Phillips, Pozidrive (like Phillips but with 4 extra contact
     points, popular in Europe),  Slotted, Torx (see Torx set above) and Hex.  The screwdriver body has a comfortable grip and a
     palm pivot for fast, one-handed  work.  The flexible extension makes  it easy to get into awkward places, and the little magnifier
     is just what you need when working   with the smallest of screws.

    Slotted:  1.0, 1.5, 20, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
    Phillips:  PH000,  PH00, PH0, PH1
    Pozidrive: PZ0, PZ1
    Torx: T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20
    Hex: 0.7, 0.9, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3/0, 4.0

    MX-IGPS33  $12.95


    The General pocket mini screwdriver set features 2 double-ended chrome vanadium tips in a molded body for precision fit in the carrier handle, which is the size of an ordinary ball-point pen.  The tips can be removed for use in small areas or for fine work such as repairing eyeglasses.  The tip that is "not in use" stores away neatly in the handle.  Tip sizes are #1  and #00 in Philips;  1/8" and 1/16" straight.

    MX-GPS744 $4.95



    Speedy BendTM
    Component Lead Forming Tools
    These handy lead bending tools are a MUST HAVE if you do a lot of electronic building.  Axial-lead components like resistors, diodes, chokes, caps, etc. fit neatly into the central channel, and the leads are bent down against the sides of the tool at a perfect 90 degree angle, with an appropriate radius and no strain on the connection.  The tools have notches for two standard sizes, and the lead bending grooves are marked for standard hole spacing patterns in circuit boards.  Vertical resistor leads can easily be formed by bending the lead around the thinner edge of the tool, and a little inventiveness will allow you to use it with non-standard components. For example, we use one to form the leads on the 5W resistors used in the OHR RFL-100.  Get a perfect fit every time without messing around with needle nose pliers or your fingers. Patented design, made of durable high impact ABS plastic here in the USA.


     For 1/4 and 1/2W Components  MX-PD801 $4.95
     For 1/8W Components  MX-PD802 $4.95
     For 1 and 2W Components  MX-PD901 $4.95
    All Three Tools (save!)  MX-PDX3 $12.00

    You can't have too many clip leads and this set of 10 (two each in red, yellow, green, black, and white) is very reasonably priced. The leads are 18 inches long, with insulated, color-coded aligator clips at each end.

    MX-52100 $3.95


    Cables and Adapters
    for your keys, bugs, paddles, headphones...

    If your new key, bug, or paddle didn't come with a cord, we've got you covered!  These are high quality shielded cables, 
    with a molded plug on one end.  They are three feet long, and the end opposite the plug has been stripped and tinned 
    for your convenience (except MX-CRCA. which has plugs on both ends).

    We also have a number of adapters in common types.

    A conversion kit for panel mount SO-239 jacks to BNC, and other RF connectors/adapters, can be found on the Oak Hills Research
    Parts Page (click here).



    Cables,  $4.99 each
    Fig.   Description Cat no.
    A  3 Ft. Cable with 1/8 mono plug MX-C8M
    B  3 Ft. Cable with 1/8 stereo plug MX-C8S
    C  3 Ft. Cable with 1/4 mono plug MX-C4M
    D  3 Ft. Cable with 1/4 stereo plug MX-C4S
    E  3 Ft. Cable with RCA phono plugs (both ends)  MX-CRCA
    Adapters,  $3.99 each
    F  Adapter 1/8" stereo (socket) to 1/4 stereo plug MX-C84A
    G  Adapter RCA socket to 1/8 mono plug  MX-CRC8A
    H  Adapter 1/4" stereo socket to 1/8 stereo plug MX-C48A
    I  Adapter 2 x 1/8" stereo to 1/4 stereo plug (Y) MX-C84Y
    J  Adapter 2 x 1/8" stereo to 1/8 stereo plug (Y) MX-C88Y
    I Adapter 2 x 1/4" stereo to 1/4 stereo plug (Y)MX-C44Y
    K Adapter 1/8" stereo socket to 2.5mm stereo plug MX-C82A
    6' Audio Cables,  $6.99 each
    Fig.   Description Cat no.
    A  6 Ft Cable with 1/8 mono plug at each end MX-C88M
    B  6 Ft Cable with 1/8 stereo plug at each end MX-C88S
    B 6' Stereo Extension Cable 1/8 male to female MX-C88SE

    RF and coaxial cable adapters and other parts can be found on our OHR Parts Page


    Shielded Stereo Plugs

    If your new key, bug, or paddle came with a cord but no plug, or you'd just rather "roll your own" we've got you covered!  These are high quality shielded stereo plugs with nickel plated shells and tinned solder connections.

    1/4” Stereo Plug OP-P4S $1.50
        -- Package of 5 OP-P4S5 $6.50
    1/8” Stereo Plug OP-P8S $1.25
        -- Package of 5 OP-P8S5 $5.50

    For less expensive situations in the shack or on the road, these economy plugs may be just what you need.  They are 1/8" mono plugs with plastic shell also great for testing if you 
    don't know whether a stereo or mono plug is required.
                  p8m                         1/8” Mono Plug OP-P8M $1.00
         (Plastic shell, not shielded)
       -- Package of 5 OP-P8M5 $4.50


    AC Powerstrip Liberator Plus.

    How much of your expensive surge and overload protected AC power strip can't be used, because "plug-pack" transformers are blocking more than one outlet?  Here's the solution--  the Powerstrip Liberator Plus is a 12" AC extension cord.  Move those big transformers away from the power strip and regain the use of ALL of your outlets-- yes, there's an outlet in the end of the PSL+ so you get to use the powerstrip outlet  twice!   10Amp, UL listed.

    MX-PSLP AC Powerstrip Liberator Plus $3.99


    Super-Lube Precision Teflon Lubricator

    The Super-Lube Precision Lubricator is a "needle oiler" filled with a high-tech PTFE (Teflon) synthetic lubricant. 

    Suspended PTFE particles bond to the surfaces of moving parts, providing protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Ideally suited for industrial machinery and electronic equipment, it is safe on metal, rubber, plastic, wood, leather, fabric and painted surfaces. Bearing surfaces last longer, downtime is reduced, and productivity is increased.

    Perfect for telegraph keys and paddles!  

    MX-S2301A, .75 Oz. $4.95  


    Antistatic Wrist Strap.

    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) or static electricity can destroy sensitive electronic devices without your even knowing it.  Worse, the damage can be done but not become apparent for months or even years after the event.  To avoid ESD you should always be grounded when working with sensitive components, but if you remember your basic electricity studies you do NOT want to be grounded when you are working with electrical equipment!

    A "proper" grounding wrist strap has a resistance built into it, so static electricity will discharge slowly and constantly, but a real current (like when you touch the wrong wire with your screwdriver) meets a brick wall.  These straps are comfortable, adjustable, and you can even snap the cord off of the wrist band when you have to leave the work-bench for a minute.  This is almost literally a case of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.  If you have ever had to unsolder an IC that was damaged by static, you'll know what we mean!
    AS-SDWS $4.99

    Antistatic Work Mat

    These work mats are made of semi-conductive vinyl foam, white on the top and black on the bottom, with a grounding clip in the corner.  The surface is firm enough to work on but won't scratch delicate panels and meter faces.
    These mats provide adequate cushioning and will ground any static charge that you bring to the bench with you. The foam surface resistance is greater than 40 Megohms, so you can safely work on circuit boards directly in contact with it, and the cord resistance is 1 Meg so you can rapidly and safely ground yourself when you sit down at the bench.   

    Antistatic work mat with ground clip,  11x22" AS-SDML $14.95

    antistatic foamAntistatic Foam

    This carbon-impregnated conductive antistatic foam is the perfect way to protect delicate devices against static discharge-- and keep the pins straight.  While you're working, or for long term storage, nothing beats it.  One 4x5" piece of foam is large enough to take care of most any need on the workbench.
    (IC and socket not included)

    AS-SDF  Antistatic Foam, 4x5" $1.95 

    needle files

    A set of twelve different needle files, perfect for shaping small holes in control panels or any other "fiddly" little filing job.  The shafts are 1/8" diameter and each file is 5-1/2" long.  There's a wide variety of shapes or profiles, and one is bound to be just right every time. The set comes in a folding plastic snap-cover pouch for your convenience.

    Needle Files, 12 piece set $8.95



    10X LoupeJeweler's Loupe

    This is the magnifier that is used on the OHR benches for checking component values and inspectingsolder connections.  10x magnification is plenty-- enough to do the job while giving you enough field of view to see the whole part number on a curved surface, and enough depth of field to keep it in focus. 

    Magnification Power 10X
    Lens Diameter 21mm
    Closed loupe dimensions 38.8mm x 24.9mm or 1.53" x 0.98"
    Extended loupe dimensions 63.2 mm x 24.9 mm or 2.49" x 0.98" 
    Weight of loupe 35.2 grams or 1.24 ounces
    Composition: Stainless Steel Highly Polished Chromium Plated
    MX-1021L  $5.99


    Illuminated Magnifier

    Model MJ958  is a  21mm  30X pull-out magnifier built in white LED illumination.  the LED is turned on when you slide the magnifier out, and turned off when you close it.  The superbright LED  is powered by 3 AG10 batteries (included!) for long life. 

    MX-MJ958 $4.95

    For TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Soldering Stations and other soldering tools see our ELENCO page.


                 UL approved
               25W Pencil Soldering Iron
               Stand included

    Product Code EL-SR1N $6.95


    Product Code EL-SR1NT $1.95

    For TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Soldering Stations and other soldering tools see our ELENCO page.

    solder pump  Solder Pump

    A must-have when you are removing larger amounts of solder--  expensive braid will do the job but it will take forever and use a lot of braid.  This spring-loaded, metal barrel "solder pump" works at the touch of a button.  The unit can easily be disassembled for cleaning and emptying. Comes with a spare tip, which is insulated soyou can work on live circuits (but that's not recommended!)

    Solder Pump $4.95  

    Solder Tools Set

    Essential tools for PC board work--5 Piece set includes clip-on heat-sink, tweezers, knife and brush, scraper and hook, fork and spike tools.

    Pro'sKit Solder Tools Set $6.95

          Solder Flux Pen

    Kester's  951 Flux Pen is perfect for applying a small amount of no-clean flux to a recalcitrant connection.  Under the cap is a wick, with which you can wipe a small amount of very effective flux onto a solder trace on a circuit board, the terminals on a switch, the braid on a piece of coax, etc.  You can also use it to bring stale de-soldering braid back to life.  The  951 flux is a "no-clean" low residue RMA flux that works with all electronic solders.
    Kester 951 Solder Flux Pen $6.50

    Kester 245
                      Kester Solder
      Label Warning 
    Kester's "245" No Clean Solder is the perfect solder to use for electronic kits.  It leaves little or no residue on the board, but flows on smoothly and does a great job.  Our handy sample pack contains 15 grams (about 12' length) of 63/37 flux core solder (.031" diameter) or enough to do most any kit. Highly recommended for our OHR Kits. 

    Traditional solder fluxes (including Kester's famous "44" formula)  leave a residue on the circuit board.  This residue is unsightly, but more to the point it makes it difficult to see thelead warning solder connections in detail, and over time the residue can break down into conductive salts which can cause corrosion problems and short- circuits. You generally need to remove the residue before installing a circuit board, and the chemicals used to flush off the residue are themselves harmful to the technician and/or the environment,  and require special handling.  There are water-soluble fluxes available, but they are generally not as effective. Kester “245” Low Residue Flux is classified as Type ROL0 flux under IPC ANSI/J-STD-004 Joint Industry Standard. This flux was formerly classified as Type LR per MIL-F-14256.

    Hazards?  Yes, the solder on this page is 37%  to 40% lead, and the flux vapors when you are soldering can be an irritant, especially if you are prone to allergies or athsmatic. You should be sensible about your work habits-- have adequate ventilation , wash your hands after working on a project, and avoid eating or drinking while you are soldering.  

    Kester "245" Solder .031  15g Sample Pack $3.75
    Kester "245"  Solder .031  1 Lb Roll $38.75

    Economy solder
                    Economy Solderlead warning

    Very similar in performance to Kester's No Clean formulation, this Chinese product is a real bargain at barely half the cost of the Kester solder.  The spool is a full Kg or 2.2 pounds, in  .048" diameter.  The alloy is the same 63-37 and the flux is RMA, low residue,  but  details are lacking. We've already adopted it on one of our production lines here at Milestone Technologies.  

    Economy Solder .048 diameter 1Kg (2.2 Lb.) Roll  $32.20

    TMC Solder                                  Classic 60/40 "Radio Solder"
    lead warning

    Classic 60/40 solder wire from TMC Electronics in Taiwan. .031" diameter with "55" RMA rosin flux core.. 
    Special purchase at very reasonable price, but quantities are limited.  

    TMC .031 Solder 1Lb Roll  $26.75

    Solder Wick

    Everybody makes mistakes!  When you need to remove a component from a circuit board, the best tool for the job is de-soldering braid (sometimes called "solder wick").  There are many sizes and flux formulations available, but we've found the TechSpray (shown) and NTE brands to be among the best "all-rounders."  

    Convenient plastic bobbins hold 5' of the low-residue flux-impregnated braid.  For a review of desoldering technique using braid, see N1FN's "A-Z of Electronic Construction."

    De-soldering Braid,  5 Ft. bobbin $4.79

     3-1/2 Digit 19-Rangedvm specs
     Digital Multimeter

    This digital multimeter is a compact, light tool - a bargain if you need
    something inexpensive and reliable. The heart of the instrument is the
    ICL7106 IC coupled with a large 3-1/2 digit, 7 segment, 0.5" high LCD
    display with a maximum reading of 1999. Includes 9V battery. 

    DCV (0.1mV - 1000V), ACV (0.1V - 750V), DCA (0.1mA - 10A),
    Ohm (0.1O - 2Mohm), diode forward voltage drop, and hFE for bipolar PNP
    and NPN transistors. Also has 50Hz test signal, and audible continuity test.

             * Perfect for any toolbox, glovebox, or test bench
             * Economical price
             * Includes 9V battery

    Analog VOM15-Range Compact
    Analog Multimeter (VOM)

    Compare this to Radio Shack's 8-range meter which sells for $14.95 (battery not included-- ours comes with the battery!). Throw one of these into your glove compartment or tool box-- at this price you can afford two! 

    10,000 Ohms/Volt AC/DC, fuse protected, safety leads.  

    • DC Voltage 2/10/50/250/1000V  
    • DC Current 20/250mA  
    • AC Voltage 10/50/250/1000V  
    • Resistance x10/x1KOhm
    • Battery Test 1.5/ 3V
    EL-M105 Compact VOM $9.95

    6" Stainless Steel Rule

    Precision scaled in metric on one side, inches on the other.  Subscales for mm and half mm, 16ths/32nds/64ths.  Image shows both sides of the ruler, but black-on-stainless is real tough to photograph.  We assure you, the scale markings on the actual ruler are clean, clear, and precise. .

    EL-ST14 $2.50

     6" Stainless Steel Rule

      with Depth Guage

    Precision scaled in metric and inches, the General GN301 steel rule features a T pocket clip which allows you to use the rule as a height or depth gauge. The General GR301 is flexible, and the graduations (1/16" inch / 1 mm) are black etched for excellent visibility. 

    MX-GNR301 $2.50

    6" Polycarbonate Calipers

    Accurately measures inside and outside diameter, step, and depth in both inches and mm! Made from smooth moving polycarbonate ("plastic steel") for long-term accuracy.

    MX-7914 $3.99

    Miniature Project Boxes
    Project Box


    Project Boxes

    Perfect for smaller projects ( e.g.  Rainbowkits' OSC-2 Code Practice Oscillator Kit) this Hammond miniature instrument box is black, molded styrene.  The tight fitting cover is attached with supplied screws.  Dimensions (in inches) are (a)3.9   (b)2  (c).8  (j) 1.1, (k)3.1.  Made in Canada.

    MX-H591 4x2x1  $4.95

    Perfect for the  T-Tone Code practice oscillator or other "small" project that has a lot of controls.  The tight fitting cover is attached with supplied screws.  Dimensions (in inches) are (a)4.74  (b)3.69  (c)1.34 (j) 3.114 (k) 4.173  Made in Canada.

    MX-H804  4.74x3.69x1.34 $6.95



    Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
    or call 303-752-3382 for more information



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